Wednesday, March 3, 2010

E - Etsy

Etsy - Really, what else is there to say about, except that it is THE place for art business. Not only does Etsy provide artists with a free shop and low listing fees, but it also offers a wealth of information in their seller handbook.

For those still in the dark, Etsy is an online marketplace for artisans and those selling vintage items. Etsy is a great way for artist to start small and build their brands. Artists pay by listing, so they can choose whether they want to list a lot of product or just a few things.

Besides the shop, artists can find selling and marketing tips in the "seller handbook" section. Some helpful tips include how to take quality product photos, how to create gift certificates, and how to increase your item views. Because of these useful business aids, Etsy is a wonderful place for artists to start and learn the basics of online art sales.

Ofcourse, every good thing has a flip side, and Etsy is no exception. The down side to Etsy is the fact that it is saturated with artists. A new artist on Etsy really has to struggle to be seen on such a huge site with so many competing stores. If an artist depends only on the Etsy search tool, he or she will see very few sales. This is why artists must advertise (see A) and promote their items off of the site. If an artist drives traffic to his or her particular shop, the sales should go up.

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