Wednesday, March 3, 2010

K - Knucklebuster

Knucklebuster - A knucklebuster is a manual credit card machine that can be used to process credit cards and produce receipts at craft fairs. Knucklebusters can be purchased through sites like, along with receipts and a custom-printed plate.

The plate should be printed with the name of the business and the name, if seperate from the business name, that will eventually end up on the customer's credit card bill.

When using the knucklebuster, artists should also make sure to manually write down the card's expiration date and whether the card is Visa, Mastercard or Amex. The customer should also sign the receipt to finalize the sale.

Knucklebusters can be used in conjunction with a business bank account, or a credit card processing account with companies like Paypal or Propay. In the first case, the receipts may need to be given to the participating bank. When using Paypal or Propay, the information on the receipts can be entered into the computer manually and then the receipts can be saved for the artist's reference.

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