Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Z - Zapplication

Zapplication - Zapplication is a free online database of art shows. Zapplication allows artists to create an online portfolio and art show application that can then be used to apply to numerous shows throughout the United States. The site features some of the top shows in the United States and provides a simple format for artists to quickly apply to shows.

To use Zapplication, artists must sign up using a username and password. They must then upload pictures of their artwork and booth display. Zapplication requires that the images be a specific data size, but they offer help to adjust the images to be approved. Once the images have been uploaded and some basic business info has been entered, artists can search through a large database of shows and instantly apply.

To apply to any shows, artists can simply click on the shows they want and select "apply". Most shows require application or jury fees and these can be paid through Paypal (see P) directly from Zapplication. Once an artist's portfolio has been created, that same portfolio can be used to apply to numerous shows. It only take minutes to apply, making Zapplication invaluable to busy artists looking for art and craft shows.

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