Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I - Inventory

Inventory - For artists who participate in craft shows, building inventory is a must. Artists must have an idea of an adequate amount of product to take for an art show. This will vary for each artist. As the inventory dwindles, the artist must create more pieces to stay ready for upcoming art shows.

Even if no art shows are currently looming in the future, artists should keep their inventory up to date in case an opportunity presents itself. Artists should also create a way to adequately label and guage the amount of product they have. A simple graph can help artists to quickly assess the amount of product they have and how much more they need to produce.

Of course, by creating surplus inventory, artists will also need a way to store the inventory until the shows. For painters, this might mean finding an extra room to store paintings. For jewelers, they might need to buy a set of bins and labels to store jewelry.

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