Wednesday, March 3, 2010

X - eXtra Order Sheets

eXtra Order Sheets - When participating in art shows, instances can occur when someone likes an item, but wants it in a different size, color or format. In this case, artists should have order forms handy so that they can immediately take an order for an alternate product.

By having order forms handy, artists can receive on-the-spot payment and increase sales. It is important to provide the customer with a time frame in which they should expect to receive the order. It is also important to make sure the customer has adequate contact information in case any problems arise. Simple order sheets can be printed up at home and filled out by hand at an event or art show.

Order forms should include the following information:
  • Customer's shipping address and contact information
  • Item order
  • Dimensions of item
  • Materials used to make item
  • Colors of item
  • Size of item
  • Price of item
  • Item shipping date (The latest date on which the item will be shipped)

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